#StrengthFeed Leggings

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This is the only line of #StrengthFeed leggings. If you saw my YouTube video, you'll see that there was an issue from the manufacturer which causes these leggings to not be as amazing as I wanted them to be. As you continue reading, you'll discover that these leggings will actually be amazing in winter, lol...

Here's what the manufacturer said: 

"it appears that the pre wash has affected the stretch - the horizontal stretch specifically because the vertical stretch is unaffected"

This means that the material is thicker and fleecier than it should have been, therefore the sizing is off. If you usually wear a size Small, you will have to get a size Medium, and so on. I am a UK size 8, and a size medium fits me perfectly.

XS = UK 4

S = UK 6

M = UK 8

L = UK 10

Obviously, I would never have come out with this ridiculous sizing, and I do not support it at all. It is simply that the leggings were effected in their pre wash phase, which means that the sizing is off and that the material is thicker than it should be. They will be awesome in winter, haha!

I am being fully open and transparent about this: I did a poll on my Instagram story explaining the situation and over 500 people clicked that they would still like to purchase a pair of the leggings in order to support me. So all I can say is thank you!

Printing the labels and shipping these leggings is going to be a lot of work for me so the price of the leggings is to cover that cost (and to pay my dad who is going to help me).

There is a 0 refund policy on these leggings, please be fully aware of that.