Impact Through Influence

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Module 1: Lifestyle With A Personal Brand

  • Welcome: You Are Now An Impact Influencer
  • What A Personal Brand Is & Where It Can Get You In 2018 (And Beyond)
  • Finding Your Why
  • Your Personal Brand: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly 
  • Identifying Your Current Personal Brand
  • Harsh Truth & Reality Check

MODULE 2: Building Your Brand

  • The One Most Important Thing
  • 12 Month Roadmap
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Your Skills & Brand Positioning
  • Finding A Profitable Niche
  • Selecting The Platforms To Dominate
  • Building Credibility & Becoming An Authority Figure
  • How Much To Share Online & How To Do It Wisely
  • What Type Of Influencer Am I?
  • Social Media Branding: The Things Nobody Tells You

MODULE 3: Understanding How To Grow Your Social Media & Personal Brand LONG TERM

  • Thinking Of The Long Term
  • How To Go Viral: The Blueprint Proven To Work
  • Engagements Groups & Why They Suck
  • How To Make Friends With Key Influencers
  • Producing Winning Content & Standing Out On Social Media
  • Become A Chiropractor
  • Tailoring Your Content: How To Adapt Wisely
  • How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas
  • Minimising Content Hiccups & Optimising Efficiency
  • Content Calendar
MODULE 4: Instagram Growth
  • Optimising Your Instagram Page
  • Optimising Your Instagram Captions
  • Getting A Business Account
  • What, When & How To Post On Instagram
  • Free Instagram Growth Hacks
  • Hashtags: Everything You Need To Know
  • Paid Instagram Growth Hacks 
  • Levelling Up Your Instagram Stories: How To Stand Out
  • Reading & Understanding Your Instagram Analytics
  • Instagram BONUS TIP (This One Will Change Your Life)
  • Apps I Recommend For Instagram
MODULE 5: YouTube Growth
  • Why YouTube Is Vital
  • Equipment You Need To Start Your Channel
  • Optimising Your YouTube Channel
  • The Impact Influencer YouTube Strategy
  • How To Rank On YouTube: The 4 Fundamentals
  • Advanced YouTube Ranking Strategies
  • Insider Hacks: How To Beat Your Competition
  • YouTube Ads: Placement & Avoiding Demonetization (Plus How To Get Music)
  • YouTube Growth Hack 1

MODULE 6: Why LinkedIn Is Still Important

  • LinkedIn Strategy

MODULE 7: Building Your Own Website

  • Choosing & Buying A Domain
  • How To Host Your Website
  • Making A Blog
  • SEO

MODULE 8: Building & Growing Your Email List

  • Choosing Your Email Provider
  • Creating An Email List From Thin Air
  • The Opt-In Form That Converts
  • Lead Generation Magnet
  • The Very First Email
  • What Sales Funnels Are & Why They're Important
  • Automation
  • Case Study ft Influencer Email Marketing Expert

MODULE 9: Monetizing Your Brand

  • The Secret Nobody Tells You
  • Building Your Value Ladder
  • Nurturing Your Customers: How To Do It Effectively
  • Digital Vs Physical: Which One To Choose?
  • E-Books: The Fastest Way To Launch A Product Within A Week
  • Courses
  • The Production After The Production
  • Copyrighting Your Work
  • The Marketing Strategy That Always Wins 

MODULE 10: Affiliate Marketing & Paid Brand Campaigns

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Vs MLM & Why That's Important
  • When & How To Start
  • Why To ONLY Promote Products You Have Tried & Love
  • Finding & Choosing Affiliate Programmes
  • Email Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income Stream
  • Passive Income Stream 2: YouTube Description Box
  • Affiliate Marketing Vs Paid Campaigns
  • When & Why To Work For Free
  • How To Price Yourself
  • Why A Media Kit Is Vital
  • BONUS TIP (Secret)

MODULE 11: Mastering Facebook

  • The 2 Types of Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Ads Overview
  • Understanding The Facebook Pixel
  • When & Why To Use Facebook Ads
  • Types of Audience For Facebook Ads
  • Facebook vs Instagram Ads
  • Facebook Ads: Turning $5 Into Thousands


  • Tying Ads & Email Together 
MODULE 13: How To Sell On Social Media
  • Four Types Of Traffic & Why They Matter 
  • How To Make Special Offers Special
  • Stories That Sell
  • Testimonials & Reviews
  • Sell Using Vlogs

MODULE 14: Setting Up A Challenge

  • Everything You Need To Know


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