Benihana, Chelsea


As a health conscious individual, the quality and selection of food is always a make or break when it comes to restaurants for me. Admittedly, I have a sweet tooth like no other (seriously, I could take you and every sugar loving 5 year old on), so... the main course is something that I really like to fully enjoy, while also aiming to consume a decent serving of protein and veggies.


The food situation in restaurants is usually one of the two following options:

1. Extremely delicious and extremely calorically dense.

2. An attempt on 'health'. This typically involves far too many nuts and seeds (more than a squirrel could stomach), copious amounts of olive oil, a form of butternut squash or sweet potato, and some lettuce. And rocket. And quinoa. Pronounced "keen-wah," fyi.


However, Benihana seem to have found a solution to delicious yet nutritious food: Teppanyaki meets sushi... aka, my idea of heaven! The menu consists of 'Appetisers' such as Edamame, as well as Sashimi and Sushi Rolls - my personal favourite. We went for dinner, so it was a choice between the Benihana 'Traditional Dinners' or the 'Speciality Dinners'. I was feeling hungry, so I went for the 'Land & Sea' selection from the Speciality Menu.


My appetiser was, of course, a beloved sushi roll. I am a self-proclaimed sushi addict, so it felt like an obligation to have a salmon-avocado roll, as well as some prawn nigiri. And I tell you now, it did not disappoint!


We started our teppanyaki experience with a delicious soup, followed by prawns and salad, as well as two delicious, homemade sauces.

Next, we proceeded to watch the chef cook our mains right before our eyes: mine was black cod and filet mignon. Watching him chop up all the vegetables and throw eggs and various other kitchen accessories around was so entertaining! While waiting for my dinner, I was not bored like I am in most restaurants: I was absolutely loving waiting, and it was incredible seeing how talented the chef was!


...I even got to catch rice in my mouth! The experience was hilarious: it really was second to none.


Not only did he the chef put on quite the show, but he cooked all the food to perfection. My steak and cod was accompanied with copious amounts of sticky rice: my absolute favourite carb source! Not only that, but we also had a perfect amount of vegetables for the meal to feel adequately healthy.


My only criticism of Benihana's food would be that it is a little too buttery to my taste. Next time I go, I know to ask for it with less butter. Personally, I know I'd enjoy it just as much if it was cooked with barely any butter, mainly because I am used to cooking with minimal butter at home. I find that cooking with excessive butter and oil makes the meal feel 'heavier' than it needs to be, as I am not used to it. Not only that, but it adds quite a few more calories to the meal then personally I feel necessary! However, it was still absolutely incredible and I could eat it every single day!


...Now, we move onto the pudding. I wasn't even going to opt for a pudding, but when I saw a 'chocolate pyramid' on the menu with a 'salted caramel centre,' I knew I had to go for it. And wow, it was incredible. The pyramid was a moussey explosion of flavours in my mouth, with a liquid caramel centre. 


However, the winning dessert has to be the tempura brownie. I must admit, I never knew this was even a thing... Until I went to Benihana the other night. Just imagine a chocolate Krispy Kreme donut, but even gooier, chocolatier and more delicious.


That was exactly how it tasted.


Benihana, I must admit: you are my favourite restaurant that I've been to so far.


I'm going to have to give you a solid rating of......



To see my full YouTube video from my dinner at Benihana, watch this YouTube video:


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