5 Best Resources For Online Fitness Coaches

5 best resources for online fitness coaches

If you’re a fitness coach, listen up. The below resources are going to help you level up and scale your online fitness business.

#1 Online Coaching Software

If you’re not already using online coaching software… then what are you doing?! Seriously. Spreadsheets are so 2016. They’re:

  • Unprofessional
  • Old fashioned
  • Time consuming (for both you and your clients)

You want your clients to have the best possible experience with you. If they find it easy to do their check-ins and see their programme, they will be more likely to stick to it and therefore get better results. Not only that, but if most other coaches are still using excel sheets but you are using this software, then you are going to stick out and come across so much better to them. Plus, you can white label the software I recommend, which means that you can add your own branding and make it look like the software is yours and only yours!

#2 Shopify

Here, you can get a 14 Day Free Trial: http://bit.ly/laurenshopify

Shopify is great because it makes it super simple and easy to make a website in minutes. You won’t need to pay someone to make it for you, because Shopify gives you multiple free themes to choose from (which all look great, by the way). You’re reading this blog post on a Shopify site right now!

Shopify integrates with hundreds (or thousands) of apps, which means that you can do whatever you need to do at the click of a button.

If you’re selling e-books, I recommend a Shopify integration called ‘Send Owl’. It costs me just $9 per month and it sends a download link for the e-book directly to your customer’s email address. They only get three download attempts, which prevents your e-books from being sent on to hundreds of people.

If you do one-on-one fitness coaching, you need a scheduler on your website. This is the one I recommend: http://bit.ly/scheduleracuity

#3 The Best Email Service Provider

You need an email list. End of. And this one is by far the best for the price. Mail Chimp is a great alternative but the reason why I do not recommend it, is because once you hit 2000 contacts, you have to pay a bomb. And trust me, you will hit 2000 contacts very quickly if you are doing things right.


As a fitness coach, it is your duty to constantly educate yourself. If you’re not staying up to date on the latest evidence based training and nutrition, you are going to get left behind and you will not be able to best serve your clients. That’s where getting a subscription to MASS comes in. It’s run by the top dogs when it comes to #TeamScience. Seriously, this subscription will change the game for you. The information is not only easy to understand, but also easy to implement. I really recommend subscribing for one month to see if you like it (which I am 99.9999% certain that you will), because you can always cancel your subscription.

#5 Podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts? If not, you are missing a big learning opportunity. Like I already mentioned, constantly educating yourself is critical as a fitness coach. Through podcasts, you can learn on the move. The iPhone comes with the ‘Podcasts’ app automatically installed, and if you have an Android phone, use Stitcher! I am the host of The Business Meets Fitness Podcast, which will be great for you as a fitness coach!



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