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About Lauren Tickner

Entrepreneur, Investor and CEO of Impact School

With multiple business endeavours at just the age of 23, Tickner has risen quickly to become one of the UK’s most successful and respected entrepreneurs in the online space.

Tickner decided to leave the University of Bath after a year of attending when she realised that her professors who were teaching her about business, had never actually had their own successful businesses. Despite everyone telling her she was crazy, that she’d be making a big mistake, she decided to head off on her own and commit full time to her business endeavours.

Before turning 21, Tickner had already built a successful online fitness coaching business, Strength Feedm where she helped women become stronger both physically and mentally through 1:1 coaching and other digital products like online courses. Tickner started this business without having any funding, while having under 500 followers on social media. She learned everything through podcasts, books and YouTube videos.

After building a following, her empowering brand became a movement in the health industry, and the popular #StrengthFeed hashtag is now used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Tickner’s quick growth led to working with some of the biggest brands in the Health and Fitness industry, including Gymshark and Alfalete.

When Gymshark dropped Tickner and some of her peers after the company shifted its marketing strategy to work with celebrities and influencers who could pull in a more mainstream audience, Tickner picked herself up and set out to help herself and her friends. And so, Impact School was created.

After they publicly thanked Tickner for her help, she began receiving hundreds of enquiries per day from their audience members who wanted to do the same thing. Tickner noticed a big business opportunity and created an online course teaching exactly what she was doing inside her own fitness coaching business.

Today, Tickner’s main source of income is Impact School, her online coaching and consulting company where she now has more than 40 people employed, including a COO, Sales Director, Marketing Strategist, and an entire tech team.
Tickner’s focus today is on Impact School as well as her new software company, whereby she is building a software that will empower users to build their own online courses and coaching programs. This will be an affordable subscription model with thousands of users and Tickner has stated that it will be launching in early 2021.

What Tickner has built is impressive. But that’s not where it ends. She also has a range of investments which are diversified across e-commerce and affiliate websites, influencers, and cryptocurrency. However, she has publicly stated that her next big step is private equity.
Lauren’s ultimate vision is to provide support for disabled families, stemming from her experiences growing up with a disabled younger brother.

About Impact School Impact School was founded in early 2017 by Tickner. With over 40 full time employees now, Tickner has expanded Impact School’s clientele across multiple industries. The Company’s clients include, but are not limited to, financial advisors, marketing agencies, personal trainers, funnel creators, relationship coaches, and more. These clients work with Impact School because they either want to start online coaching or online courses, or, they want to scale their existing businesses using online methods.

Impact School’s magic formula is the infamous “Impact Offer” which fuses together online coaching, courses and consulting. The Company’s biggest focus is helping clients implement an Impact Offer so these businesses can increase profits while getting their time back.

Stripe screen recordings for the Impact School account were shared to Tickner’s personal Instagram story in September 2020, showing that the company pulled in more than $300,000 per month from July to September 2020.

Head to impact-school.com to learn more about Impact School and how to become a client.

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